Mission & Vision

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Calin & Associates

Is a young and dynamic team whose work is based on dedication, integrity and innovation. Our lawyers have a pragmatic approach concluded in trustful relationships with clients that guides them throughout the business.

Our law firm quickly turned the business law market, due to the professionalism and flexibility proven in client service.
Founded in 2011, Calin & Associates is locally known for professional services on all legal aspects of business.
High specialized fields allow our team to have extensive expertise in many areas of law, mostly in commercial law matters.

Calin & Associates is dedicated to the best industry standards to build successful business strategies, providing legal services that are at the core of valuable management decisions.

Therefore, Calin & Associates’ activity is defined by the following leading principles:

  • Long term vision: Though we value individual successes for our clients and the firm, we measure our real achievement by what we’ve created for the future, beside our clients.
  • Long and strong relationships: We work to earn the trust of our clients over years, yet continually look to innovate and improve to retain their loyalty.
  • Results and quality legal services: By focusing on the areas of expertise where we have extensive knowledge and experience, we achieve the best outcomes for our clients.